Sunday, April 4, 2010

Still Single...

On Friday night my friends and I celebrated my sorority sister's 24th birthday. After getting some drinks at a swanky restaurant, we then headed on over to one of our favorite bars. After tossing back a few drinks (Blueberry Stoli, Water w/ a lemon) we started dancing. Now, I am known for always being the single friend. I'm not saying that I don't have a certain guy at different times but I haven't been "very" serious with anyone for years. Anyways, with that being said my one friend decided to channel her inner Patti Stanger (Millionare Matchmaker). At first, my friend and I were honestly going to kill her. I am pretty sure that she approached a married man, and every guy that was standing with their girlfriend. When I finally ditched her, I then headed to the bathroom and met the cutest guy ever :)
Anyways, this got me thinking what do I look for in a guy? (Calling Bradley Cooper)

1. Has his own life (I dislike clingy and dislike a guy who doesn't have his own friends or hobbies)
2. Loves laughing/making me laugh and most importantly being social (I like the guy who loves the center attention, although I know that most would find that obnoxious)
3. Ambitious in all aspects of life
4. Someone who is able to plan things and actually have an opinion
5. Over 5'8" (Yes, I know this is shallow but I am 5'8" and love heels)
What are you looking for?? Or what have you found?
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