Thursday, April 8, 2010

Can't Always Get What You Want

So during my Thursday morning online shopping spree, I stumbled across a brand that I am dying for. The collection is named Roxy Heart and it is affiliated with Roxy. I usually never shop at Roxy but I did buy some sandals from them that Cynthia Rowley designed. Anyways, I flipped through the lookbook and was literally ready to buy every piece in the collection. As I got ready to pull out my credit card I realized that it is only available in Europe. I can't stop looking at the website and literally can't stop thinking about this dress. I'm still depressed that I am not studying abroad in Italy. Seriously, Europe has better food, and sites. Zara and Mango are insanely better there, and now they have this to rub in my face. So if anyone wants to send me that dress, I would love you forever.
Image Courtesy of Flickr

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  1. They have really great stuff! I wish we could exchange locations because I'm dying to be in Europe! xoxoxoxo