Thursday, April 8, 2010

Can't Always Get What You Want

So during my Thursday morning online shopping spree, I stumbled across a brand that I am dying for. The collection is named Roxy Heart and it is affiliated with Roxy. I usually never shop at Roxy but I did buy some sandals from them that Cynthia Rowley designed. Anyways, I flipped through the lookbook and was literally ready to buy every piece in the collection. As I got ready to pull out my credit card I realized that it is only available in Europe. I can't stop looking at the website and literally can't stop thinking about this dress. I'm still depressed that I am not studying abroad in Italy. Seriously, Europe has better food, and sites. Zara and Mango are insanely better there, and now they have this to rub in my face. So if anyone wants to send me that dress, I would love you forever.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top 10

Just wanted to share 10 things about me
1. Clothes Shop Zara & French Connection
2. Sweets Swedish Fish
3. City Chicago & Verona
4. Drink Diet Coke w/ a lemon
5. Music Lady Gaga & Kings of Leon
6. TV Glee & Modern Family
7. Film Walk the Line
8. Workout Treadmill w/ a good show on
9. Guilty Pleasure Celebrity Gossip & Mexican Food
10. Coffee Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Coffee (just black)
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Out with the Cold and In with the New

Growing up in the Midwest means you get the best of all seasons....NOT! I honestly spend Fall and Winter dreaming of Spring and Summer. Now that warm weather has finally reached Chicago, I spent my Sunday night clearing all my winter clothes out of my closet. Once, I got everything organized I realized that I had one semi not stuffed to the max drawer. So of course, this got me thinking that I need to get some new things to spice up my wardrobe. Here is a few things I have been eyeing.

These shoes can instantly bring a pop of color to anything you are wearing.

Elizabeth and James Pleated Shorts
I have always been a huge fan of shorts. These can be worn casually or you can dress them up a bit.

Chloe Tilia Sunglasses
I saw these on Hilary Duff in People Style Watch and knew that I had to have them.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Still Single...

On Friday night my friends and I celebrated my sorority sister's 24th birthday. After getting some drinks at a swanky restaurant, we then headed on over to one of our favorite bars. After tossing back a few drinks (Blueberry Stoli, Water w/ a lemon) we started dancing. Now, I am known for always being the single friend. I'm not saying that I don't have a certain guy at different times but I haven't been "very" serious with anyone for years. Anyways, with that being said my one friend decided to channel her inner Patti Stanger (Millionare Matchmaker). At first, my friend and I were honestly going to kill her. I am pretty sure that she approached a married man, and every guy that was standing with their girlfriend. When I finally ditched her, I then headed to the bathroom and met the cutest guy ever :)
Anyways, this got me thinking what do I look for in a guy? (Calling Bradley Cooper)

1. Has his own life (I dislike clingy and dislike a guy who doesn't have his own friends or hobbies)
2. Loves laughing/making me laugh and most importantly being social (I like the guy who loves the center attention, although I know that most would find that obnoxious)
3. Ambitious in all aspects of life
4. Someone who is able to plan things and actually have an opinion
5. Over 5'8" (Yes, I know this is shallow but I am 5'8" and love heels)
What are you looking for?? Or what have you found?
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